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About Us

Funplay Workshop is created with a sole purpose of entertaining and educating our young and the young-at-hearts.

Life is often filled with tension. We are here to lighten that tension by providing you quality performances and workshops that reflect on our daily lives.

We feel that everyone should enjoy life despite our daily busy schedules and that is when we will provide you entertainment filled with learning values that will enlighten and enrich your lives, for both young and old.

We have a mission to educate, enrich and entertain everyone with our creative enrichment programmes and performances and we have entertained, educated and moved audiences of all ages.


Company Profile

Funplay Workshop : A professional children's workshop, theatre, design and events company that is founded with a mission to design, educate and entertain everyone no matter what age you are.

A team of experienced professionals who have been working in the design industry, music industry, theatre, theatre-in-education and entertainment industry for many years, providing good quality performances (artistically and commercially) and conducting quality workshops (Malay and English).

Our performing team provides good quality performances that is fun, entertaining and educational. Through our performances, values such as racial harmony, kindness, teamwork and loyalty will be showcased, among others. 

Having the passion to perform especially for children, we aim to not only entertain but educate children through our shows and performances. We hope to bring fun and laughter at the same time to inculcate values through theatre, not forgetting the values of education and learning into our performances. 

Our training team provides quality and professional Theatre-in-Education services, using drama programmes to empower the youths in confidence and creativity in artistic expression and character development. Our trainers are experienced practising drama professionals who have rich and wide exposure and background to different drama education. Thus, our trainers aim at sharing their knowledge and experience according to what suits them best, without forgetting the main objectives of the programme. We believe that our trainers must be practising professionals in the field so that they can better educate and share their experiences on stage with the students.

Our designing team provides quality and professional graphic design services. We provide services like brochures, flyers, posters and publications.

Our focus is on children's theatre but we are open to other creative avenues through theatre. We believe that everyone is young at heart and we should never forget our inner childhood. 

Our Objectives
  • Provide creative opportunities for our young to showcase their abilities
  • Provide creative programmes and performances that will educate and entertain audiences
  • Share our passion in theatre and performing
  • Share our experiences and knowledge in performing







To Nurture and Enrich our youths and young-at-hearts through fun and creative programmes, events and performances

To have an inclusive of our CORE VALLUES - ILMU - into all our activities


Funplay Workshop aims to be the best interactive enrichment and events company that provides quality services through our core values and to encourage our youths to appreciate, participate and excel in the Performing Arts