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Sirfan is in the News for a Skit by MCYS, produced and directed by PlayInc.


PERERAT HUBUNGAN KAUM: Para pelakon pelbagai kaum melakonkan babak mencuit hati tentang pentingnya memupuk hubungan baik antara masyarakat majmuk di sini dalam satu bengkel IRCC yang diadakan semalam. Pemangku Menteri Pembangunan Masyarakat, Belia dan Sukan, MG (NS) Encik Chan Chun Sing, merupakan tetamu terhormat acara itu. - Foto ZAOBAO 



Ongoing Programmes

Funplay Workshop's School Assembly Programmes have been approved for Tote Board Arts Grant by the National Arts Council:


"Together We Defend"




Schools can utilise the Tote Board Arts Grant to book these shows for a subsidy up to 50%. Book us now! Email us the booking form to block a slot for your school now. [email protected]


Click here to download our booking form.


You can watch our trailers for the show here.



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Sirfan Sulaimi - Actor / Performer / Songwriter / Trainer

Blackbox Recording Studios - A recording studio that supports locally bred musicians and talents.