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Welcome to Funplay Workshop!

Total Defence Day 2018

Looking for Total Defence Day skits for your school in 2018?

You may want to take a look at our assembly shows listed below:

"Together We Defend" 

(for Primary Schools)

(This programme is eligible for up to 50% subsidy from the NAC Tote Board Arts Grant)

 What happens when someone wants to take away something so precious like your home, or even something you hold so dear? Will you help protect and defend it or would you just walk away? Follow the story of the Grasshopper (Belalang), Butterfly (Kupu) and the Ant (Semut) as they show you the importance of staying together even though they are different. 

Do watch the Trailer.


"Let us Play a Part"

(for Secondary Schools)

(This programme is eligible for up to 50% subsidy for 50% subsidy from the NAC Tote Board Arts Grant) 

Have you played online gaming before? Have you ever wondered that you can apply what you play in your daily life to help defend our country? Let us see how Jason learns from that.

Learn about the 5 aspects of Total Defence through an engaging plot where Jason, a school boy, applies them as a strategy to defend his virtual sovereignty from enemy threats. This skit highlights the National Education messages in a fun and interact way for all students and teachers to enjoy. 


Slots for the week of 15 February 2018 are filling up fast! Quickly make your bookings for your school. You may email [email protected] or call +65 8483 4427 for more details of the show.




Looking for an Assembly programme for your school this Hari Raya and for Racial Harmony Day? We have 3 shows for you this June / July 2018.


HARI RAYA SHOW: "Raya Together"

Have you ever wondered what Hari Raya is all about? Have you wondered how it feels like to lose someone close and to celebrate Hari Raya in a foreign country without someone you care about? See how Pak Din and Nek Sal try their best to make Riyan feel at home and what it means to have a wonderful Hari Raya...

This show involves a lot of audience interaction and participation. Filled with various emotions like sadness, humour and happiness, this programme will show that you can be happy and celebrate a joyous occasion no matter who and where you are.

This show is suitable for both PRIMARY and SECONDARY schools. However, this show is not eligible for the NAC Tote Board Grant but the cost of the show is reasonable and negotiable according to the school's budget. Contact or email us to find out more.


Racial Harmony Day: "Perfect Harmony"

"Perfect Harmony” is a showcase of three short fun-filled and informative fables featuring a variety of colourful characters which will encourage students to keep an open-mind and be more accepting of their international peers residing in Singapore.


An audience-interactive quiz segment will also serve as an engaging recap to the valuable lessons learnt from the show.

Aims to entertain and educate, but it will also nurture the spirit of friendship and collaboration amongst our youth!

The use of masks and puppetry in the performance as part of an aesthetic feel.

Students will learn about friendship among races and also the various performing art forms 

This show is suitable for both PRIMARY and SECONDARY schools and is eligible for the NAC Tote Board Grant.

Do contact and email us soon to book for this show as bookings are coming in fast.


Hari Raya cum Racial Harmony Day: "Raya in Harmony"

School Assembly Programmes 2017

Funplay Workshop is opening up bookings  for school assembly programmes in 2017 for schools. These are a list of school assembly programmes that you may want to get. We have them for both Primary and Secondary Schools: 

Do contact us at [email protected] for bookings or an appointment to discuss about your programmes required throughout 2017 at your school.



Drama Programmes / Workshops 2017

Funplay Workshop's school enrichment programmes are available for bookings again to both Primary and Secondary Schools for 2017. These programmes are available in Chinese (selected programmes), Malay and English.

  1. "Seronok Berlakon" / "Fun in Acting" - Speech and Drama Programme (Malay / English / Chinese / Tamil)
  2. "Seronok Bermain Boneka" / "Fun in Puppetry" - A Puppetry Workshop (sock, hand or shadow puppets)
  3. Malay Conversational Workshop
  4. "Seronok Menulis" / "Fun in Writing" - Creative Writing Workshop (Malay / English)
  5. "Seronok Berbual" - Public Speaking Workshop (Malay)
  6. "Seronok Bergema" / "Fun in Movements" - Speech and Drama with Music Movement and Workshop (Malay / English / Chinese)
  7. "Other programmes customisable to your school's needs

Contact us at [email protected] for more queries on the programmes that we offer and for an appointment to discuss on how we can assist in your planning for your programmes in 2017. 


Post -Exam programmes

Exams are coming to an end and schools will be looking for post-exam activities for their students. Funplay Workshop would like to offer you a few programmes suited for your post-exam activities. These programmes are for both Primary and Secondary schools.

Contact us at [email protected] for more queries and bookings of our post-exam programmes. 

  • Drama programmes (English / Malay / Chinese / Tamil)
  • Puppetry Workshops (English / Malay)
  • Contemporary or Traditional Shadow Puppetry Workshops (English / Malay)
  • Craft-making Workshops (English / Malay)
  • Poetry workshops (English / Malay / Chinese)
  • Writing workshops (English / Malay / Chinese)
  • Malay Conversational workshops
  • Music Workshop (Malay / English)
  • Hosting Workshop (English / Malay / Chinese/ Tamil)
  • DJ Workshop (English / Malay)
  • Cultural Programmes (Malay / Chinese)
  • Specialised / Customised Programmes (Malay / English)




Holiday Drama Camps

(1) Drama Enrichment Camp 

(December 2016)

Register for our workshop and you will learn the basic skills of drama and performing plus body movement and vocal techniques.
Register before end November 2016 for this 4-day (2 hours per day) workshop and your registration fee will be waived. You will also enjoy a 50% off. :)

Registration Fee: S$15 (one time payable)
Workshop fee: S$120 for 4 days
Age Group:
5 - 12 years 

Date: 4 days on any of these slots

December 2016:

(a) 7 December - 10 December 2016

(b) 14 December - 17 December 2016

(c) 21 December - 24 December 2016

Time: Any 2-hour slot between 11am - 5pm (depending on availability)

Location: *Scape

Contact us at 9277 2748 or email at [email protected] for booking of your slot.

There will be a maximum of 10 students per class, so register now as spaces will be limited.

(2) Drama in Puppetry Enrichment Camp 

(December 2015)

Register for our workshop and you will learn the basic skills of drama and performing plus body movement and vocal techniques. We will also have a puppet-making session.
Register before end November 2015 for this 4-day (2 hours per day) workshop and your registration fee will be waived. :)

Registration Fee: S$15 (one time payable)
Workshop fee: S$150 for 4 days
Age Group: 
5 - 12 years 

Date: 4 days on any of these slots

December 2016:

(a) 7 December - 10 December 2016

(b) 14 December - 17 December 2016

(c) 21 December - 24 December 2016

Time: Any 2-hour slot between 11am - 5pm (depending on availability)

Location: *Scape 

Contact us at 9277 2748 or email at [email protected] for booking of your slot.

There will be a maximum of 10 students per class, so register now as spaces will be limited. 

A Certificate of Participation will be given upon completion of the workshop.


Due to recent cases of bullying, we would like to offer schools a bully package. In this package, schools will be able to watch our school assembly programme, "Bully-Me-NOT" and have drama sessions conducted in a classroom-based environment as a follow-up to our assembly programme. 

This is the original pricing for the programme if taken separately.

(1) "Bully-Me-Not" school Assembly programme ($1,500 per show - NAC endorsed).

(2) Drama Programme ($80 per student).


Please see below on the breakdown of the programme offered:

Package 1:

  • "Bully-Me-Not" school Assembly programme ($1,500 per show - NAC endorsed)
  • 8 sessions programme of 1 - 1.5 hours per session ($55 per student)

 Package 2:

  • "Bully-Me-Not" school Assembly programme ($1,500 per show - NAC endorsed)
  • 1 - 3 days session programme of 1 - 1.5 hours per session ($55 per student)

Email us at [email protected] for bookings and more information. 



Funplay Workshop will be presenting their yearly "Bayang Dari Seberang" series. For 2016, "Bayang Dari Seberang" will be bringing back a tale from Perak - "The Misadventures of Pak Kaduk".


This show, "Pak Kaduk" will be about the misadventures of an old man who was tricked into gambling away his land and belongings until he rescued a cat who changes his life completely.

This story will also showcase a 15-min performance by schools in this 1-hour long play.

This production is available for bookings from February 2016. 

This performance will be presented in both English and Malay with surtitles

The following are the dates of performance:
Friday 18 March 2016 @ 8pm
Saturday 19 March 2016 @ 3pm

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes
Venue: *Scape
Tickets are sold at $25 each. You may book your tickets or direct your queries via email [email protected] or contact +65 9277 2748.

Don't miss out on this opportunity and book your tickets today! We hope to see you there!



Commissioned Shows

Look out for more commissioned shows from Funplay Workshop in collaboration with various organisations.



Funplay Talent Management

Ever wanted to be on TV or commercials?

Join Funplay Talent Management programme at no cost and you will be informed of any auditions and castings. You will also get to go for workshops at discounted rates.

Live your Dreams now!

Email your interest to [email protected]